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Introducing Kaiju Worlds

Game Overview

Kaiju Worlds is a game that focuses on rewarding players with Kaiju tokens. Players are rewarded for winning battles with enemies or winning exciting tournaments.

Players need skills to be able to fight. Players buy basic eggs to create Kaiju or buy Premium eggs to receive Kaiju. Skill can be bought on Marketplace or Skill Shop.

The rewards will increase as you get more wins and participate in more battles. To increase power, players can upgrade Kaiju with the Shine feature and upgrade Skills from Materials created from Land.


Land creates Materials to upgrade Skills, so land helps players have materials to upgrade skills or sell materials to earn income. Players need to have at least 1 Kaiju and a maximum of 4 Kaiju in their battle squads to join combats.

Kaiju Worlds is an exciting experience that will appeal to traditional gamers as well as Blockchain, NFT, and DeFi enthusiasts. There are many interesting things for you to discover in Kaiju Worlds. Only you can decide how much you want to participate in the decentralized features of the game.

Birth of the Kaiju

Humans are looking for planets that can live on. It’s a non-stop searching. Dunlahar 88 is the next planet to be found and chosen as a new home for humanity. After the Bio Hazard event on the Dunlahar 88 planet, scientists have surveyed and come to the conclusion:

The frequently active volcanic environment, rapid desertification and dramatic growth of exotic vegetation can destroy most of the metal equipments on the surface of this planet. To renovate Dunlahar 88, humans need to create a new Bio Hazard. We need a new fauna that is stronger and more durable than even the most advanced machines to change this world.


From there, the Kaiju are created

Kaiju species are the result of the most advanced biotechnology and able to adapt to all kinds of extreme climatic conditions. Kaiju's footsteps can turn rock mountains into grasslands and Kaiju's breath can turn toxic smoke into oxygen.


However, transporting Kaiju on a freighter is too risky. Kaiju couldn't survive when it go through the Warp Portal (teleporting gate) and no interplanetary affiliated carriers were willing to take orders. Scientists have to start researching new methods again.

After several years of research, a new solution has finally come: The Kaiju will not be created on Earth but synthesized right in orbit when expedition ships travel to the planets. The genetic and biochemical components that make up the Kaiju are separated into four basic classifications, packaged in biological shells which are called Eggs. After moving to the orbits of the planets, expedition ships will synthesize these Eggs to create different types of Kaiju, suitable for the land they want to renovate.


Innovative Warp Portal (teleporting gate) technology allows eggs to be teleported from Earth directly to expedition ships, creating opportunities for new explorers to join the renovation of new human habitations.

Kaiju Worlds is the world of Kaiju, that greatly help humanity in the process of conquering new planets, discover and improve extremely interesting lands. You absolutely can choose to be a part of this conquest journey to own beautiful, cool and powerful Kaiju. You can participate in exciting battles and earn the rewards you deserve.

Our Vision of Kaiju Worlds

We set up Kaiju Worlds with the desire for players to both play and earn valuable income for the time you put into playing the game

Our vision is to create a game world where players can protect their in-game assets. Their assets in the Game such as Kaiju, Land... are protected by Blockchain and players completely own their assets and easily buy or sell it on the marketplace.

We build an ecosystem that benefits players and gives them an extremely enjoyable experience. We focus on developing a system of in-game experiences focusing on the group of people who both want to play and earn money.

Furthermore, players can make friends and learn from other players. And it’s an opportunity to understand DeFi, NFT and Blockchain while playing and living in Kaiju Worlds.