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Game Play

Kaiju Worlds focuses on rewarding players with Kaiju Tokens for winning battles with enemies and winning exciting tournaments and competitions.

First of all, to be able to fight in the first stage, you need 1 Kaiju and 1 Skill. When you have Kaiju and Skill, the system will give you a list of enemies with the power closest to your power. You will choose the enemy from the list and go to fight.

Each Kaiju can participate in 1 match a day. There are a maximum of 4 Kaiju in your Kaiju team, so you can fight up to 4 matches per day. You can save on Gas fees by fighting fewer battles by choosing x2 x3 x4. This means you choose to use 120/240/480/960 Energy per match. And the more Energy you spend on the match, the more rewards you will earn.

Your reward is Kaiju Token. You will get bigger reward if you fight enemies with greater power. So how can you meet more powerful enemies? That's when you have greater power.

Your power is a combination of the power of Kaiju and the power of Skill. If you want Kaiju to have greater power, you can use the Shine feature. That means using 2 Kaiju with the same rarity to shine to a Kaiju with the same rarity but more powerful. If you want a stronger Skill, you have to use Material to upgrade the Skill's power. Materials are created from Land. You can use your own Land to create Materials or you buy Materials from the Marketplace, where Land owners resell them to you.

You can buy Egg to unlock Kaiju or you can buy Kaiju from other players on the marketplace. Moreover, you can also fuse 2 Eggs to get a Premium egg in Fusion, from which you get a more advanced Kaiju.

Thus, at the first stage of the Game, you only need to have Kaiju and Skill to participate in battles and earn income from rewards.

Each of your battles will cost 120 Energy of Kaiju and 120 Energy of Skill. You have up to 120 Energy per day for Kaiju and 480 Energy per day for Skill. It’ll automatically restore every 6 minutes your Kaiju will restore 1 Energy and every 3 minutes, Skill will get 1 Energy.

Besides fighting enemies, you also have the opportunity to participate in interesting tournaments. The specific information for each tournament such as rules and prizes will be announced later when you experience the Game. There will be tournaments for each level of power so everybody also has a chance to participate.

Kaiju Worlds develops on BSC so you need $BNB in your wallet to be able to pay gas fees for transactions. Each of your wins will earn Kaiju Token. Get ready to experience exciting battles and get rewarded token!