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Congratulations on owning Land. Land is one of the valuable NFTs in the Kaiju Worlds ecosystem. Why?


Because Land creates Materials and Materials are used to upgrade Skills. The more powerful the Skill, the more rewards you will earn when winning games.

To join the battle, you need at least 1 Kaiju and 1 Skill.

There is no limit to the number of Kaiju and Skill in an account but limit the number of battles for Skill and Kaiju. The number of battles of one Skill is more than the number of battles of one Kaiju. The total power of the battle is the power of the Kaiju plus the power of the Skill.

So increasing the power of the Skill means you increase the total power. What you need to upgrade the Skill's power, it's Material.

Materials are created from Land. That's why owning Land is so valuable. If you are a Gamer, and you own Land, you will get Materials, which you use to upgrade your Skills. If you have an excess of Materials, you can resell them to other players in the market and make money.

Land is an NFT. Land has 1 of 4 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. What element Land has, the Material produced has that element. And what element Material has will upgrade the Skill with that element. So if you have Land with Fire element, but the Skill you use has Earth element. What to do? You sell Fire Materials, then buy Earth Materials to use for Skill. Or you will change the Fire Skill to use the Fire Material from your own Land.

So Land is your property. Land brings you income every day!

Kaiju Worlds Team