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Power stats used in combat are synthesized from Kaiju Power + Skill Power Power stats used in combat are synthesized from Kaiju Power + Skill Power

This is the formula that creates Power:

Power = Power Skill + Power Kaiju.

Many tournaments will be held in the future, but first of all, the PVE fighting forms will be taken place soon after the launch of the Game.

Power is a stat that you will invest, the stronger Power of Kaiju and Power of Skill is, the more rewards you will get when you win.

How to have a stronger Power Kaiju?

If you have high raity NFT Kaiju, obviously you have high Power. If you want to continue to level up Power then what will you do to raise Kaiju Power stat. You have 3 ways:

First, you will keep buying Eggs to fuse, then you fuse and match correct formulas , you will get premium Eggs. The more Eggs you fuse, the higher the probability of getting a high Rarity NFT Kaiju. Second, you will use the Shine feature to enhance the Quality (Star) of your Kaiju. The third way is that you buy them on the Marketplace, find the NFT Kaiju with high Rarity. What if I want to have a stronger Power of Skill?

You will use the Material to upgrade the Skill. If you don't have the right Material, you will find it on the Marketplace.

In short: if you are lucky enough to have a high rarity, high quality NFT, you will have high Power. But if you are not satisfied with the available Power, what will you do? you will follow the instructions above to enhance Power.

What is Energy?

  • Energy is the indicator showing the turn for Kaiju and for Skill.

  • Kaiju Energy is maximun 480 in 4 days

  • Skill Energy is maximun 1940 in 4 days

  • Each battle costs you 120 Energy.

You can fight each battle in a go if you like or you can fight 1 battle with all 480 Kaiju Energy every 4 days to save your Gas fee. The interesting thing is that you can choose the number of battles, the battles with a high win stat will have less rewards and conversely, the battles with a lower win stat will have higher rewards. There will always be 1 battle where you win 100%, which means you will always win absolutely.

After running out of Energy, every 12 minutes your Kaiju will restore 1 Energy and every 3 minutes, Skill will get 1 Energy. And in 4 days, it recover full 480 Energy for kaiju and 1940 Energy for Skill.

There are many interesting things about Game Play. You will discover and experience interesting things with Kaiju Worlds step by step. Our goal is to bring a really fun experience to players. Especially you can own beautiful, interesting NFT items that can bring you income!

Looking forward to exploring Kaiju Worlds together!