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Kaiju Worlds PvP Guide

Kaiju World is a Science Fiction world (sci-fi world) where players step by step explore new worlds and planets, with the help of artificial monsters called Kaiju and outstanding future technologies.

PvP Mode is where Kaiju Worlds players compete together and find attractive rewards. Players need to create an account, own Kaiju and PvP Skill Cards to be able to start participating in Kaiju Worlds PvP mode.

PvP Team

The user's PvP team includes 3 Kaiju and 1 set of PvP Skill Cards, the number of which cannot exceed 24 cards.


Kaiju in PvP

Kaiju from any source: Hatch, Trade, Airdrop can all be used in PvP Battle.

All existing features of Kaiju will be converted into new stats for combat.

Each Kaiju has 4 basic stats: Hit Point (HP), Attack, Defend and Mana. The indicators work as follows: • HP - The amount of damage Kaiju can take before being eliminated from the match

• Defend - Shows Kaiju's ability to reduce damage, helping Kaiju last longer in battle.

• Mana - Energy to use Skills in PvP

• Attack - Kaiju base attack is added to Skills that deal direct damage to the opponent's Kaiju

The stats of Kaiju depend on 3 factors: Structure, Rarity and Quality



Kaiju is fused from 4 types of Eggs, the stats of each Kaiju are formed by the types of Eggs used to create it: • Knifespitter - determines Attack stat

• Dustpelt - determines the maximum HP

• Thornfang - determines the maximum amount of Mana

• Cinderblade - determines Defend stat

Rarity and Quality

With the same Structure, Kaiju with higher Rarity and Quality always have higher combat stats than Kaiju of the same type with lower Rarity and Quality.

Skill in PVP

PvP Skills are the fighting techniques that Kaiju uses in battle. The basic objective is to deal damage to the Kaiju competitor to remove it from the match and get victory. PvP Skills from Any Source: Conversions from PvE, Trading, Airdrops can all be used in PvP Battle.

Players collect PvP Skill Cards, build a set of PvP Skill Cards, the number of which cannot exceed 24 cards.

Basic Skills are divided into 2 types:

• Direct attack: the purpose is to immediately deal damage to the Kaiju opponent, destroy and remove the opponent from the battle.

• Change the stats: the purpose is to strengthen Kaiju itself or weaken the opponent, creating conditions for the Skills to directly kill the opponent.

PvP Skills are NFTs, minted according to different Rarity and have a big difference in strength according to Rarity level.

Skills are divided based on Elements. If the Skill's Element is compatible with the used Kaiju, the Skill's attack power will be enhanced, helping to kill the opponent faster.

Combat Mechanism

In PvP Mode, the combat is based on a turn-based card game system, where the goal is to destroy the opponent team of 3 Kaiju in a limited number of turns.

In each turn, player will randomly draw cards from the PvP Skill Card Deck they bring and choose the PvP Skill Cards in their hand to combine with the Kaiju in the team.

Basic Team

Based on combat mechanism of the game, players will often choose to build a team in 3 directions: Offensive team, Defensive team or a mixed team.

The Offensive team will usually have the following features:

• There are Kaiju made up mainly of Knifespitter eggs.

• There are many high-damage Skills, exchange user stats to increase damage to the opponent.

• Usually aims to end the match in the least number of turns, avoiding taking direct damage from the opponent.


Tips: • Offensive teams often focus on building PvP Skill Card Decks with mainly fire element, which increases damage quickly.

• Need to pay attention to the amount of Mana to be able to attack consecutively when needed

• PvE Skills that convert to PvP Skills are usually effective attacking Skills

• Offensive teams are usually divided into 2 types:

o High speed attack: consume more Mana, guaranteed to deal great damage to the competitor before taking damage.

o Low speed attack: consume less Mana, Kaiju needs to survive the opponent's attack before counterattacking with much greater damage

Defensive teams usually have the following features:

• There are Kaiju made up mainly of Cinderblade and Dustpelt eggs

• There are many Skills that change stats and restore

• Has a Skill that affects the percentage (%) of max HP and the percentage (%) of max Mana of the competitor

• Usually aimed at prolonging the match, consuming Mana and eroding the stats of the competitor.


Tips: • If the match lasts until both players run out of cards, the player with more total Kaiju’s HP is the winner

• The defensive team is especially effective when the opponent does not have a good PvP Skill Card in hand

• Need to build PvP Skill Card Deck with high speed, drains out the opponent's strength before taking too much damage

• If there are enough preparations, the defensive team can exceed the damage of the offensive team

Mixed teams usually have the following features:

• Focus on building PvP Skill Card Deck more than Kaiju

• There are Kaiju with balanced stats, good Mana pool.

• Various Skills, focusing on high-speed PvP Skill, allowing each Kaiju in the team to change their stats to instantly adapt to the opponent's team. For example: increase defense before the opponent attacks, increase attack if there is a chance to attack first, use a selfdestruct skill to destroy the main Kaiju of the opponent...


Tips: • Mixed teams often require PvP Skill Cards with high Rarity

• The course of the match is often complicated and difficult to predict