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Rarity represents the rarity level of an NFT. Kaiju Worlds has NFT Land, NFT Kaiju, NFT Skill. When you have an item like Egg then you Hactch

What is Rarity?

Rarity represents the rarity level of an NFT. Kaiju Worlds has NFT Land, NFT Kaiju, NFT Skill. When you have an item like Egg then you Hactch, you will get an NFT Kaiju with a random Rarity. Likewise, when you purchase a Skill Card, you will receive a NFT Skill with a random Rarity.

The higher the Rarity, the higher the Power stat, because the formula that makes up the Power stat is:

Total Power = Kaiju Power + Skill Power.

Kaiju is an NFT and Skill is an NFT. There are 5 levels of Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic. As we mentioned the higher the rarity, the higher the Power stat so this means the higher the Rarity, the more valuable it is.

Rarity cannot be changed. There is nothing you can do to change Rarity.


What is Quality?

There are 6 different levels of Quality, represented by Star 0,1,2,3,4,5,6. Like rarity, the higher the Quality, the more powerful it is. But the different thing with Rarity is Quality can be changed. You can change the Quality by using the Shine feature. What is Shine? Shine is a feature that you can use 2 Kaiju with the same Rarity and Star to get a new Kaiju with the same Rarity but with a higher Star. There will be a detailed guide on Shine in another article, stay tuned!

Screenshot Both Rarity and Quality (Star) are two factors that affect the Power stat. Rarity can't be changed, but Quality, you actively create the Quality you want.

NFTs with high Rarity and high Quality stat are the most valuable. The higher the Rarity and Quality you have, the higher your Power stat is. The higher the Power, the more rewards you get when winning interesting battles.

So how do you own high stat NFTs? You have to be lucky or you have to get more NFTs then you will have a higher chance of getting a rare NFT.

For example, you have only 1 or 2 Eggs, if you are extremely lucky you Hatch the Eggs and get a high rarity NFT Kaiju. This is a low probability. But when you have 5, 10 or more Bggs, the probability of receiving a rare NFT will be higher.

Or if you want to use the Fusion feature, you use only 2 Eggs to combine, it's definitely not as good as having more than 2.

For example you have 10 or more eggs to Fuse, you will get more advanced eggs then you can hatch to get more NFT Kaiju with higher Rarity.

So congratulate all lucky members owning high Rarity and high Quality NFTs. However, if you have not already got high rarity NFTs, you can completely upgrade the Quality (Star) to improve the Power stat. Of course, after the Game is released, you will be able to use features like Fusion or Shine.

Kaiju Worlds Team