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Requirements to play the Game

Kaiju Worlds is a web game application. Kaiju Worlds runs on the Binance Smart Chain - BSC platform. Players need BNB to pay gas fees. Metamask wallet with Binance Smart Chain network are required. Players need some Kaiju Tokens to buy eggs and skills to start playing. The needed amount of eggs and skills depends on the time

Key Game Future

Basic Concept

The game allows the player to fuse Eggs - the basic element in the game to create Kaiju. With skills, these Kaiju can participate in exciting battles and receive valuable rewards every day.


There are four basic elements: earth, water, fire, and air. These 4 elements combine to form the Power of Kaiju. Skill has 1 of these 4 elements available and 1 power index of the skill.



Players start by buying basic eggs in the Egg Shop to fuse and create premium eggs. Or you can buy premium eggs to unlock Kaiju or buy Kaiju directly from other players on the marketplace.

Definition: Be materials for making Kaiju and be bought by Kaiju Token.

Function: Eggs have the ability to fuse with each other through the Fusion feature. If Fusion is successful, players will receive a new Egg.

Classification: Basic eggs: 4 types of Eggs are purchased directly with Kaiju Token, representing 4 basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Premium eggs: you can purchase directly on Marketplace or you can also create them through the Fusion process. Premium eggs create Kaiju NFT.



Kaiju is the main NFT of the game. Kaiju can combat to increase player’s rewards. Kaiju has combat statistics that depend on the Fusion process that creates it - Earth - Water - Fire - Air

Kaiju of the same type are divided into different rarities. Kaiju in different rarities will have different battle statistics.



Skill is a type of NFT used in Kaiju's combats. Every single Kaiju has 1 skill to fight in Kaiju Squad. Players can upgrade Skill by Materials created from Land.



Land is part of the surface of the Dunlahar 88 planet. As a very valuable NFT, land creates materials used to upgrade Skills to increase combat power. Land is limited, and rare. Besides increasing combat power for players, they can also sell meterials generated from land to others on the marketplace.



Shine consumes 2 of the same Kaiju and creates a new Kaiju: same type, same rarity with higher quality. Shine helps players increase their advantages in combat.

Rarity is an innate attribute of card that cannot be changed. Rarity of Kaiju is regulated by Blockchain and cannot be changed:

  • Common 61%
  • Rare 25%
  • Epic 9%
  • Legendary 4%
  • Mythic 1%

Quality: is an attribute of card that can be upgraded.


Fusion is an activity of fusing 2 Eggs together to create a new Egg. Fusion follows the formulas specified by smart contracts and are guaranteed to be accurate, stable and fair for all players. Fusion formulas will be available when the game releases. Screenshot

Combat: PVE

The place where the battle between Kaiju and Boss takes place. Your squad consists of 1-4 Kaiju fighting with 1 of 4 Bossses. When you have Kaiju and Skill, 4 Bosses will appear. Bosses also have the same attributes and powers as Kaiju. So Players should notice: - Kaiju's attributes and Kaiju's power stats - Boss’ attributes and Boss’ power stats

Players receive rewards according to each battle they participate in. The reward level is different according to each milestone of campaign. Players who lose battles in the Campaign are not penalized.


The leaderboard allows players to know their rank and the rank of other members in some Kaiju Worlds activities.


Activities are held periodically in the game that allow players to find unique rewards and interesting things, especially only in the event. These activities provide special types of resources which can only be used during the event period